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Why Work at FIAT

Fiat is Italy's most important industrial company, and together with Chrysler it is the seventh largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. It has become a leader of this caliber due to its strong inclination towards internationalization and innovation—a Group orientation that has led to the development of a complete range of vehicles and implementation of a network of business relationships in 140 countries.

Entering the world of Fiat-Chrysler therefore means getting a chance to work in a dynamic, multicultural context where people are valued for their aptitudes and their abilities, where one is gauged based on meritocracy and where dialogue, exchange and participation are a tool for sharing ideas and projects to reach ambitious worldwide goals together.

For over 100 years, Fiat has designed cars and engines. It invents new styles, designs futuristic concepts, proposes avant-garde technology and pushes a business approach with a sustainable take. Ideas, aspiration and talent are fueled within the Group. Because Fiat is committed to giving its employees the best career and professional development opportunities.

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